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Discover the timeless beauty of hand-crafted tiles that bring a touch of luxury to your space. We meticulously design our tiles in Maui and artfully craft them in the heart of Bali. Teaki Tiles is your gateway to a world of unique, hand-cut, and hand-painted tiles, crafted from the finest kiln-dried 100% reclaimed teak wood. Teaki Tiles stands for uncompromising quality. Our tiles are crafted with precision and passion, ensuring each piece meets the highest standards of durability, aesthetics and longevity.

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Exceptional Quality

Teaki Tiles stands for uncompromizing quality. Our Tiles are crafted with prevision and passion, ensuring each piece meets the highest standards of durability, aesthetics and longevity.

Sustainable Luxury

Our tiles are crafted from reclaimed teak, giving new life to this beautiful and precious wood. By using reclaimed materials, we contribute to reducing our environmental footprint and promoting eco-conscious living.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are confident in the quality, craftsmanship and sustainability of our hand-cut hand-painted tiles made from the fines teak wood. We stand behind every piece we create and ensure that you are thrilled with your purchase.

Endless Inspiration

Teaki Tiles can be implemented in many different design styles depending on the color and finish you choose. From Hawaiian and Costal to Farmhouse and Midcentury Modern, just to name a few.

customized elegance

Choose from an array of patterns, colors and finishes to suit your unique style and vision. The opportunities are truly endless.

Artisanal Excellence

Each tile is a testament to the skill and dedication of our artisans. Every piece is hand-cut and hand-painted with precision, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Bali and the vibrant spirit of Hawaii.

Seamless process

How It Works

01.) Explore our color tool

Use the color tool to explore the various tile and color options. Browse our extensive collection of Teaki Tiles and discover a range of designs, patterns and colors that suit your needs.

02.) Contact an authorized Teaki Tiles dealer in your area.

Contact one of our authorized Teaki Tile dealers to see designs and color samples in person. Visit their showroom to place your order. Allow 3-4 weeks for production and an additional 5-7 days for shipping.

03.) Quality Control

Sit back and relax as we prepare your order with care. We strive to process your order and ship your Teaki Tiles promptly. Orders are generally shipped to the dealer but arrangements can be made to have them shipped to your desired location. Your dealer will track your order and you can eagerly await the transformation of your space.

04.) Install & Enjoy

With your Teaki Tiles in hand, it's time to bring your vision to life. Hire a certified tile installer and watch as your space is elevated by the stunning craftsmanship and sustainable elegance of Teaki Tiles.

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