Teaki Tiles Family

Welcome to the Teaki Tiles Family!

Teaki Tiles, the latest product line from Island Living, is dedicated to sharing intricately designed, hand-crafted teak tiles with the world.

By connecting Island Living’s expertise in exquisite, custom teak designs for the hospitality industry with enthusiasm from tile suppliers from around the U.S., Teaki Tiles was born.

With 17+ exclusive designs and a full color pallet to choose from, Teaki Tiles immediately capture your attention and quietly draw you in. They invite you to slow down. To enjoy the beauty all around you. To breathe.

Whether your interior design esthetic leans toward modern, mid-century or minimalism, Mediterranean, Scandinavian or Hawaiian, rustic farmhouse, elegant coastal or nearly any style in between, a Teaki Tiles installation can match your style and instantly add interest and warmth to your space.

Each and every tile is hand-crafted by skilled artisans in our factory in Bali from the highest quality kiln-dried, reclaimed teak available.

Teaki Tiles can be installed indoors or out, on walls or floors, in kitchens, bathrooms (even the shower) or as a decorative addition to furniture, these tiles are both ornamental and functional.

They are built to last... and to leave a lasting impression.

Mirroring Balinese culture, we strive to work in harmony with the environment and with everyone around us. We’re in this together!

100% of the teak used to make our products is reclaimed. By using recycled teak from premier sources, no additional trees are harvested and this durable hardwood is given a second life.

We appreciate the intimacy of knowing where our wood comes from and how our products serve both our community and the Teaki Tile family. In Bali, we employ locals from a small group of families providing artisan job opportunities and ensuring a fair-living for our craftsmen.

Life for a Teaki Tile begins on the island of Maui where each design is developed by creator and founder, Trish Huneycutt.

Once the design is set, the tiles are hand-cut and hand-painted in Bali by local craftsmen overseen by our American Factory Quality Control Manager. From there, the tiles are prepared for shipping, ready to bring the beauty of our unique tiles into your home or business.

Versatile and durable, Teaki Tiles are sure to bring a casual elegance, serene natural beauty and heart-felt hospitality to any home, business or hospitality project.

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The Tale of Teaki Tiles